Our Impact

Forest Food Bank - R&B 2006

In 2006 the R&B Charity Christmas Gala helped in raising $1,500.00 for the Food Bank in Forest, Ontario. Also with the help of the one hundred guests that attended the event on December 22nd, they also collected over 500+ canned goods.

Ryan's Wish - R&B 2007

In 2007, the 2nd Annual R&B Charity Christmas Gala impacted the life of Ryan and his family by raising over $4,000.00.

Ryan is six-years-old and when he grows up, he wants to be a cartoon character, because they get to do fun stuff! It was only fitting that Ryan's number one wish request was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, Florida so he could visit all of his favourite cartoon heroes!

Ryan's mom says the family had "a really good trip. Everything was awesome." The family visited every amusement park they could, including the Disney theme parks, Animal Kingdom, Sea World and Universal Studios. They also visited the Kennedy Space Centre and Daytona Beach. Ryan and his family loved Give Kids The World Village, where they went swimming, rode the train and ate ice cream non-stop!

Travelling was almost as fun as their wish trip, as it was the first time Ryan and his family had been in a limo or on a plane! Ryan was paged on the intercom in the air and invited to the cockpit. He met the flight staff and got to sit in the pilot's seat. He felt "very big."

Ryan's mom says, "Ryan's been going through cancer treatment for 3.5 years. It was nice for him to make a wish to do something and have it come true. We had an entire week of worry-free family fun. It was FABULOUS! Ryan deserved every minute of it."

Ryan told us "I wish we could take all the characters home. That would be awesome! It would be great if I could cuddle with them every night. I'd bring them to school and show my friends how awesome Mickey is."

Holly's Wish - R&B 2008

In 2008, the 3rd Annual R&B Charity Christmas Gala impacted the life of Holly and her family by raising $9,500.00.

Holly and her family's wish trip to Walt Disney World® Resort was perfect from start to finish. The Limo Driver had lots of surprises for John, Holly & Sydney and all agreed that he was the "best limo driver ever!"

While at Give Kids The World Village, each child found something different that they loved most. For Holly, the powdered candy sticks were a huge hit and filling them with all the different flavours was her favorite. Her star up on the ceiling was also very special for her and she made a point of decorating it differently than others so it could stand out. John loved the ice cream shop where free ice cream is served complete with toppings every day. For Sydney, it was all about the characters that visited from Disney and Mayor Clayton. They were all amazed that Santa visited and gave gifts and the gifts that miraculously appeared in our house each day was always exciting.

One day it rained the entire day, however it turned out to be one of the best days! They went to the Wet and Wild water park wearing their wetsuits. Very few people were there, so they basically had the run of the place with no line ups and lots of places to play. For this water-loving family, that day was perfect!

At Sea World the Pet Show was definitely the highlight and talked about for a long time after. Holly's mom summed up the trip "Disney is magical, we loved not having to wait in lines and the rush of being there made it ok that it rained quite often. Overall, we are very blessed by our time together and thank everyone who helped raise money, our Wish Grantor Erin, and Make-A-Wish for this gift of memories."